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The Global Leaders for Wet Blasting & Surface Treatment Solutions

Over 30 Years design & Manufacturing Innovation 

Vixen Surface Treatments are a global leader specializing in surface treatment solutions, particularly in the field of wet blasting, or vapor blasting as it's also known. We have been designing and manufacturing surface treatment solutions for over 30 years, working with customers and partners around the world, and having long standing partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

We have been developing our process and supplying solutions for a variety of industries. This ranges from aerospace OEM’s and MRO operations for blade cleaning, or surface preparations on many aerospace engine and airframe components, to medical and additive device manufacturers, as well as automotive and tooling manufacturers.

We are trusted for our process control, build quality and attention to our customers. We ensure we not only deliver a process and solution as required, but commit to working with you long-term to make sure your solution continues to meet your requirements.