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Aquablast® Radial Arm

Control, Automation and flexibility with our Aquablast Radial Arm

Our Aquablast Radial Arm solution is one our most versatile offerings being involved globally across many industries and sectors due to its adaptable configuration.

One of the key features of our solutions and the Radial Arm specifically is our inhouse fixture design enabling your components to be held or fixtured in such a way that allows for processing of components that other manufactures cannot work with.

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Aquablast® Radial Arm 

The Radial Arm process is generally referred to as flat table processing. The overall machine and turntable can be specified to the size and diameter that suits your application and components. 

The turntable as pictured here can be designed with bespoke fixtures that match you components and enable them to be held securely whilst processing.  

The machine will also be fitted with blast guns mounted to a arm above the turn table that will sweep across the turntable to process components whilst the turntable is also rotating. Speed of movement on the gun arm, turntable and all other parameters such as gun to component distance etc. will be part of our process development and sample processing with you.

The number of guns and all parameters and specification of the solution will be discussed and worked on in our collaborative and partnership approach to supplying you with the best solution, process and service for your requirements.

Some of the industries we supply the Radial Arm into are:

Aluminium Extrusion: Cleaning and polishing Extrusion dies to extend life and reduce die shop turn around time.

Aerospace: Surface prep on engine components at OEMs or cleaning of components as part of MRO operations. 

Tooling manufacturers: Surface prep for carbide cutting tools as part of pre & post coat processing.


Process driven solutions

Our aim is to work with you and supply you the process and solution(s) to meet your requirements. This can be done with one of our manual or automatic solutions.

Many of our solutions, even the standard offering will be bespoke for your specific requirement. 99% of the time even the standard solutions have some bespoke nature to tailor them to each individual requirement. However, we also build a large amount of bespoke solutions for niche markets or industries. please contact us to discuss any requirements so that we can work together to offer the best solution for your requirements.

Our equipment is designed with our process and your requirements in mind whilst utilising our years of experience and process knowledge twined with our automation, we can provide a complete solution that delivers control and consistency to give you the perfect finish every time.

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We also design and manufacture washing equipment which in many cases complements our Wet blasting solutions.

In many applications we have implemented solutions that incorporate both blasting and washing in a one step process where needed which can remove handling steps and add increase efficiency.